Detroit Bad Girls Sports

Getting Active and Making Friends all while giving back!! If you’re interested
in getting active and building lifelong friendships all while giving back!! —
check out Detroit Bad Girls Sports! We participate in a variety of community
events, sports tournaments, and leagues. We are positive that you will enjoy
your time spent with us at Detroit Bad Girls Sports!!

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Yes, still time to sign up for the #awt Sign up as a team or as a free agent! We especially are looking for fabulous Over50 free agents to complete some teams. awtggwsl.org for info and sign-up On site massage therapists complimentary for all participants! Lunch included!#womenempowerment #soccer #soccerlife #soccermom #socceratanyage #community Spread the word thank you! @sandiegosoccerwomen @sfhibs @wearethenighthawks @ggwsl @marinwomenssoccerleague @calstormsoccer @primerodemayowpsl @bayareablaze @womeninsoccer @calwsoc @sfcityfc @girls_unite_sf @girlsleadinggirls @alicia_loves_to_travel @pleasanton_rage_wpsl @trouble_united @soccergrlprobs @soccer_in_sf @soccerdotcom @uswnt @streetsoccersanfrancisco @sjsuwomenssoccer @stanfordwsoc @wpsl @sfspikes ...
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